Me, in a Nutshell:

As a lifelong compulsive proofreader, I am dedicated to reviving the skills and importance of excellent spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax in the digital age. I specialize in memoir, travel literature and Plain Language.

Wordplay, world travel, sailing, reading (especially biographies), seeing movies, anything about dogs, disability rights, and...George Clooney. These are a few of my favourite things. (Thanks, Julie Andrews!). So what's a woman with such varied interests to do? Edit! And proofread, and write about all of it.

My editing projects are varied and include a guide for new homebuyers, a training manual for volunteers teaching people with disabilities how to snowboard, an instructional book describing a singing technique, press packages for sports personalities, and my own Kennedy family history. I'm endlessly curious and love to learn, which makes this profession even better!

I've written ad copy from catalogues to subway posters; coupons to radio spots. I've promoted musicians and chefs through social media, organized international conferences, non-profit AGMs and charity fundraisers, and presented "sexuality with a disability" workshops to health sciences students. I've written articles, bios, blogs, and more, and I attend a weekly Memoir Writers group. I have an eagle eye for typos. What can I do for you? Let's talk!    

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